“As a previously classically trained vocalist with a sustained career in music throughout my adult life, I recently began looking for new training and new techniques that would challenge me as an artist and as a performer. I had heard of Ron Anderson and his methods of teaching throughout my career and decided to meet with him and begin training my voice in more efficient ways through his guidance. During a recent session with him in Los Angeles, I was privileged to be introduced to a new cutting edge , virtual reality training technology that he and his team have been developing, centered around his expertise. I was blown away and could not wait for the actual release of the downloadable app. The day has finally arrived and I was one of the first in line to purchase and have been using it each day to train and warmup prior to shows. This app is well worth the money for me due to not being able to physically meet with Ron as much as I would like due to my increased schedule and number of daily performances. However, thanks to the Voixtek VR app, I have one of the greatest minds in vocal training, in the convenience of my phone. Nothing beats a face to face lesson, but when that simply isn’t possible, this groundbreaking technology far exceeds my expectations and delivers in every way.
I am proud to endorse and recommend the Voixtek VR App by Ron Anderson.
Thank you, Ron for helping further my career.”

- Thomas Claxton,  professional vocalist / songwriter

Voixtek Virtual Reality App