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  • Gone Away1:50
  • In The Woods2:07
  • Don't Look Down1:37
  • Wandering Around You1:55
  • Last Chance1:44
  • Nowhere1:37
  • Bleeding Again1:38
  • Live A Lie1:35

Inspired by Rock legends such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, RUSH, and Alice In Chains, Thomas grew up always having a passion for singing. He trained as a tenor, learning from teachers who taught him control and proper technique and sang classical music in choruses. Thomas discovered rock and roll at a young age and used his talent to study different styles that would help make music his full-time career to this day.

Special shout out toHARD ROCK CAFE'!!
Next Hard Rock date:
Sept 16th
-Memphis, TN
Sept. 17th
- Pigeon Forge, TN
Oct. 4th
- Hollywood, FL