"...saw Thomas Claxton and I'm stunned. Him and his acoustic guitar. NO tracks, NO harmonizer. Sound quality like a well produced CD. Amazing performance. Amazing Vocalist, guitarist, arranger..."
- Beaver Felton (internationally acclaimed bassist and instructor/producer for Superchops 4 Bass Instructional Series)

"Thomas Claxton is truly an original whose writing and singing, by my ears, is keeping company with the likes of Van Morrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stong Temple Pilots, and Bob Seger. It's been a long while since someone this distinctive has come along - a young buck with a soul that spans generations. I'm so glad for the chance to get me some of this! Thomas is the real deal..... a RARE find."
 - Mario Cipollina (founding member / bassist for Huey Lewis and The News)

"One of the great gems of Savannah, GA is local talent Thomas Claxton. This was the 2nd time to share a gig and it's always a pleasure to sit back and watch him work the crowd with unabashed banter and treble style guitar technique. Do yourself a favor and catch a performance where he mixes originals with covers-done in his own unique style. Personal favorite is always Bohemian Rhapsody, which you have to see and hear to understand...was fortunate to hear a couple tracks from his upcoming original release as well."
- Jasin O'Neil Todd (Guitarist for Shinedown and Fuel)

"It was a joy to work with someone who was grateful to be working as a musician and singer. Thomas is great to see on stage for he loves what he's doing and he's great at it!"
 - Chuck Negron (Founding member / lead vocalist for Three Dog Night)

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" I have played music with Thomas everywhere from small rehearsal rooms to huge arenas and have always found him to be a totally professional, consistent, entertaining, soulful and powerful vocalist. I honestly can't not recommend him highly enough - he is the business!!!! "  

- Phil Hilborne ( guitarist and engineer who has plays regularly for London's Queen musical, 'We Will Rock You', and Iron Maiden's, Nicko McBrain)