MTP 940 CM Microphone
LCT 940 Studio Microphone
MTP 840 DM Microphone
Beatkit Pro 7 Drum Microphone Set

The only microphone I choose to perform with in the world of music, is LEWITT AUDIO. My career takes me on an often times, rigorous schedule. Because of this, I need a brand I can consistently count on and Lewitt easily holds up to any and every performance. This brand is simply the most well-made and durable on the market today and I recommend that every serious, professional vocalist look in to this quality immediately.

Specifically, for live performance, the MTP 940 CM is simply ULTIMATE. I’ve never found another mic that fit my needs as a professional vocalist better. The 3 polar pattern option cements the MTP 940 CM as an amazingly versatile mic, ideal for both live and studio work under any type of conditions.

And I used the LCT 940 to record my most recent album. Best decision I could have made. The warmth and clarity this mic offers through it’s ability to switch from TUBE to FET is second to none. Amazing quality and a game-changer for my sessions.”

- Thomas Claxton, professional vocalist / songwriter