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Klotz 16 Channel 100ft. snake

"When I changed to KLOTZ I noticed a huge difference in the quality of my sound. I’ve tried all the exclusive names – and all the budget brands. They can’t hold a candle to KLOTZ. You can really hear the difference. KLOTZ is so much better!

I have told many people, that after using Klotz, I literally took every other brand of cable that I owned and threw them in the garbage simply because they couldn't hold up to the amazing quality of these incredible cables.

I mostly use the Titanium and M5 XLR cables and Titanium guitar cables. I know for fact the signal is cleaner and stronger when compared to other brands as I have compared the signals using the same settings for each other brand as I did with Klotz in my recording studio and every time, Klotz delivered the superior signal, hands down.

Anyone who claims all cables are the same, simply doesn't kow what they're talking about and has obviously never used Klotz. I HIGHLY recommend this incredible brand. Choose Klotz cables and get rid of the others."

-Thomas Claxton, professional vocalist / songwriter