"...saw Thomas Claxton and I'm stunned. Him and his acoustic guitar. NO tracks, NO harmonizer. Sound quality like a well produced CD. Amazing performance. Amazing Vocalist, guitarist, arranger..."

 - Beaver Felton
( Internationally acclaimed bassist and instructor/producer for Superchops 4 Bass Instructional Series )

"I've had the pleasure of working together and performing with Thomas on a number of occasions now.  He exemplifies the rare combination of professionalism, leadership and communication while being a phenomenal musician and performer.  Where I'm from, we call that a unicorn!  In a short time, I consider him a friend and look forward to working together on projects in the future."
 - Bryan Ottens
      ( NAMM Bard of Directors / President of Peter E. Schmitt )

"Thomas Claxton is truly an original whose writing and singing, by my ears, is keeping company with the likes of Van Morrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bob Seger. It's been a long while since someone this distinctive has come along - a young buck with a soul that spans generations. I'm so glad for the chance to get me some of this! Thomas is the real deal..... a RARE find."

 - Mario Cipollina
( Grammy Award-winning founding member / bassist of Huey Lewis and The News )

"When I first met Thomas Claxton, he made me feel like we had been touring for life, even though we had only done like a couple of sessions. Since then, we've recorded and performed together. Couldn't believe he was actually setting up the PA on stages too! He sings with great confidence, his voice filled with appropriate emotions. I try to be there early for the events, but he beats me there every time. Definitely handles his business. We play well together, even when we can't rehearse. Thomas Claxton be rolling with the music!"

 - Michael "KIDD FUNKADELIC" Hampton
( Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee / Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient / member of Parliament-Funkadelic )

"I have played music with Thomas everywhere from small rehearsal rooms to huge arenas and have always found him to be a totally professional, consistent, entertaining, soulful and powerful vocalist. I honestly can't not recommend him highly enough - he is the business!!!!"
- Phil Hilborne
( Brian May / Les Paul / London's Queen musical, 'We Will Rock You' / Nicko McBrain )

"Since I've known Thomas Claxton, we've performed together at major events such as The NAMM Show, recorded music together, and I've been a guest on his podcast numerous times. No matter the situation, even if all hell breaks loose, Thomas carries himself with utmost professionalism and always knows exactly how to handle any situation and get the job done, not to mention he knows virtually every song ever written! I HIGHLY recommend Thomas and I look forward to working with him again in the future."
 - Scott Page
      ( Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto )

"One of the great gems of Savannah, GA is talent Thomas Claxton. This was the 2nd time to share a stage and it's always a pleasure to sit back and watch him work the crowd with unabashed banter and treble style guitar technique. Do yourself a favor and catch a performance where he mixes originals with covers-done in his own unique style. Personal favorite is always his SOLO ACOUSTIC version of Bohemian Rhapsody, which you have to see and hear to understand...was fortunate to hear a couple tracks from his upcoming original release as well."

 - Jasin Todd
( Founding member / Guitarist of Shinedown )

"Thomas Claxton is one of the kings of the singer /songwriter road warriors. He performs relentlessly all through the year, every year,  and has mileage accounts most could not dream of. He brings his Mel Blanc “voice of many” to his cover material – but what sets him apart is his own , original songwriting approach the teller of stories genre. Performing solo or with a band- go see him."

 - Ron Bienstock
(Scarinci Hollenbeck Partner | Chair, Intellectual Property Group | Chair, Entertainment, Sports & Media Group)

"Thomas Claxton is a musician extraordinaire. He's not only a masterful guitar player, he's a man of a thousand voices and can cover many genres of music, from Soul and Pop to straight-out Hard Rock and everything in between. I've had the opportunity to play guitar in a band with him at many NAMM Show events, where we covered scores of tunes from U2 and Billy Idol to Tina Turner and The Doobie Brothers, with Thomas at the helm of the ship. It's always a joy and a musically rewarding experience to be playing with musicians like Thomas and to be at the top of your game in front of fellow musicians. That's just one of the many reasons I love playing with Thomas and can't wait for his next gig. If you ever have the opportunity to see Thomas do a solo gig, you'll understand why he's a musical force to be reckoned with. He's able to musically carry an entire night of the greatest iconic tunes all by himself. Now THAT'S a seasoned musician. Check him out!!""
 - Alan Friedman
      ( Guitarist and CPA / Partner at Friedman|Kannenberg & Company, PC )

Industry Pros on Thomas Claxton:

"It was a joy to work with someone who was grateful to be working as a musician and singer. Thomas is great to see on stage for he loves what he's doing and he's great at it!"

 - Chuck Negron
( Founding member / lead vocalist of Three Dog Night )

"Thomas Claxton and I met when he was on tour at an 18,000 seater. He was a vocalist and vocal coach. I was totally knocked out by not just his voice, but more importantly, his amazing delivery. The guy has amazing drive, some great songs, and never fails to deliver what he promises."
 - Randy Fuchs
      ( Owner - Artist Relations )

"Thomas Claxton is a talented, hard-working artist with an unwavering passion for the art of music, his journey in it, and perfecting his craft. I've worked with Thomas on recording projects, live shows, and interviews. His passion, drive, and talent shines through in all."
 - Larry Mitchell
      ( Grammy Award-winning Guitarist, Tracy Chapman / Ric Ocasek )

"Thomas is a consummate professional in organizing an event, and then he follows that up by getting on the stage and being a hell of a performer. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to work with him on several events and I look forward to doing more. Lastly, he is truly just great nice guy, constantly respectful and humble. I am always cheering for his success."

 - Crystal Morris
      ( CEO of Gator Cases )