Gator Pro Go Acoustic Bag
TSA Lighting Series LED Bar Case
Titan Utility Case
Lightweight Aluminum Lighting Truss
G-Tour 12U Shock Road Case

“I have seen many case brands fail to live up to the struggles of the performer's life on the road. Gator Cases simply destroys the competition by not only holding up the touring life, but also by leading by example through it's amazing durability and innovative designs.

Gator Cases is forever the only brand I choose whether in the comfort of a hometown gig, or traveling for a major show. I use Gator for everything from shock mounted cases to lighting stands to merch bags, guitar cases and beyond.  They specialize in delivering upon anything a performer in the modern age can ever ask for or need.

Their Go Pro guitar bags make transits to shows extremely comfortable and even make airports seem less problematic as these amazing cases are easily carried and stowed in overhead compartments on nearly every plane.

The Titan series hard cases with diced foam are absolutely one of the toughest and most amazing products I've ever spent money on. I own nine different Titan series cases and value them beyond belief at my shows.


- Thomas Claxton, professional vocalist / songwriter