The Headphone Vac

"On a separate product review, I spoke about the importance of choosing the right IEM's (in-ear monitors). Now, let's take a look at why keeping your chosen IEM's clean, not only obviously effects your health, but also your performance.
For starters: Cleaning your IEM's can be a challenge for anyone. And when I say cleaning, I'm not only talking about externally cleaning. The amount of wax, dirt, etc., that can makes it's way INSIDE your IEM's often times go overlooked until the build up potentially causes a problem. The picks and brushes that most come with, simply don't do the job well enough in many cases.

Enter, "FiR Audio".

Their "Headphone Vac" takes the quality cleaning of a factory and places it directly in to the hands of the consumer. Aside from the vacuum itself, it comes with the following :
A detachable Air Hose, a 12v Power Adaptor, various sizes of Accessories and Tips, 2 Replacement Filters, AND the entire thing comes complete in an extremely durable Hard Shell Case.

From a health standpoint:
Everyone will agree that NOBODY enjoys an earache! IEM's are inserted directly in to the ear. That not only includes the IEM itself, but all of the unclean things that COULD be trapped inside. This can easily lead to infection when proper maintenance is not performed. I'm certainly no doctor, but commonsense and science tells us that some ear infections may lead to temporary or even permanent loss of hearing.

From a performance standpoint:
If the small tubes and bores of your IEM's become clogged, even with the smallest residue, then even the best of the best IEM's cannot deliver their best sound quality. If you can't hear properly, then how can you perform to the best of your ability? One blockage in your IEM's can prevent you from hearing the highs, mids, or lows that you desperately need. Your tone can be greatly effected. As a vocalist, the worst thing is not being able to hear properly, which causes many singers to push much harder than necessary, which in return can temporarily or permanently damage your vocal chords. If the hearing is off... most likely so is your pitch.

FiR Audio's "Headphone Vac", solves any and all of your IEM's maintenance needs. I personally bought one the very first of these to ever become available to the public and it has proven to be one of the best investments I have ever made. Aside from vacuums, this company carries numerous other products including their own IEM's and many other accessories.

SUPER PROUD to be a part of their Artist Family and to support this incredible and growing brand.”

- Thomas Claxton, (Professional Vocalist / Songwriter / Musician)