D'Addario Acoustic EXP 80/20 Bronze mediums
D'Addario Acoustic EXP Phosphor Bronze mediums

One fact always holds strong: The strings I choose for my guitar is one of the most important choices I make when it's time to perform. This is why I have chosen D'Addario as my brand of choice for the past 10+ years of my career in music. Specifically, for the past handful of years, I have chosen both the D'Addario EXP 80/20 Bronze and the EXP Phosphor Bronze for Acoustic Guitars.

I'm a "rocker", so I require a string that can take a beating. The D'Addario EXP's are proven to hold their strength and tone longer than any other brand I have tried in the past and believe me, I've tested nearly every brand. I was especially happy when they began production of them using "NY Steel".

Traditionally, I am not a fan of coated strings. Other brands overcoat the strings and the coating eventually shreds off and becomes a nuisance. D'Addario EXP's however, offer the perfect combination of strength and comfort, with a phenomenal coating that holds to the string, even after multiple performances.

This is a brand and product I am beyond proud to support and continue to use at EVERY single show."

- Thomas Claxton (Professional Vocalist / Musician)